Benjamin Orion Rush is a visual artist, educator, and sometimes curator. He was born in Concord, NH, USA, and studied Drawing at the Art Institute of Boston before earning his BFA in Photography with honors from the Savannah College of Art & Design. In 2009 he earned an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland where he currently lives and works.

Artist Statement:

My work as an artist has dual pathways. As a photographer I've sought out projects that discuss man’s impact and interaction with place and landscape. This includes photographic series of Post-Katrina New Orleans, Maine, and Mississippi. My other research (also largely-lens based) explores the relationship between image and transmission.

Much of my recent work has been concerned with how ideas can shift their meaning through mediation, and the construction of that mediated experience. From this comes my interest in our desire to communicate and how information and meaning is lost or changed along the way. This work has examined the tautology of fandom, the omniscience of global networked cameras (tracking the play of light as the sun passes over the earth), and the construction of global media event.